City of Invention

Located in Northeastern Ohio, Akron is now the 5th largest city in the state, and home to a collection of historical landmarks, cultural attractions, and modern institutions. From the Akron Art Museum to the Lock 3 Concert Venue, and Canal Park Stadium, residents of this region are surrounded by progress and the pride is ever-present.

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Arts Culture

Today, the creative economy generates $1.4 billion in the Akron MSA (metropolitan statistical area). It supports 17,608 jobs and supplies more than $768 million in wages and proprietor income. Advertising and public relations lead the creative industries. The sector is responsible for $339 million dollars and supports 1,766 jobs in the Akron MSA.

Akron is a relatively small MSA but it still has a strong creative economy. Independent artists, writers, and performers is the largest employment block with 2,738 jobs. Publishing related industries are strong in Akron. Book publishing, internet publishing and periodical publishing have large output and employment impacts in Akron. Akron also has a significant manufacturing presence with large impacts in sign manufacturing and ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing.

Top 15 Creative Industries in Akron by Output

The creative economy generates $1.4 billion in the Akron MSA and supports 17,608 jobs. Here’s how the top 15 breakdowns.

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“The people are real, the vibe is quirky, the food is on point, the arts scene is jumpin,’ and the town just keeps getting better.”

Christine Mayer, GAR Foundation

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