Cleveland Rocks

Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio. Cleveland’s cultural identity comes from its past and includes a mix of families, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and college students. From attractions like the spectacular square mile of University City, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Playhouse Square Theater District, Cleveland is a metro area on the rise.

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A Cultural Mix

of Creative Forces

Today, the creative economy generates $9.1 billion in the Cleveland MSA (metropolitan statistical area). It supports 62,499 jobs and supplies more than $3.3 billion in wages and proprietor income. Advertising and public relations lead the creative industries. The sector is responsible for $1.0 billion dollars and supports 4,716 jobs in the Cleveland MSA.

Cleveland is in a virtual tie with Columbus for creative economy output with both regions producing $9.1 billion. However, Cleveland generates 62,499 jobs whereas Columbus generates 60,011. This higher employment level creates higher labor income. Cleveland’s creative industries generate $3.4 billion in wages and proprietor income. Independent artists, writers, and performers are the largest employment sector with 9,203 jobs supported. Promoters of performing arts and sports agents are a large industry in the Cleveland region. They generate $670 million in economic impact and support 3,480 jobs.

Top 15 Creative Industries in Cleveland by Output

The creative economy generates $9.1 billion in the Cleveland MSA with Advertising/Public Relations alone contributing just over $1 billion. Here’s how the other top industries breakdown.

photo of the interior of Severance Hall in Cleveland
photo of the lights across the water in Cleveland at night
long photo of the inside of Cleveland Arcade
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“Cleveland wouldn’t be Cleveland without our world-class arts and cultural assets. They are a driving force in our economy, a positive stimulus in our neighborhoods and an enduring influence in our lives.”

Councilman Matt Zone, City of Cleveland, Ward 15

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