The Capital City

Located in the heart of our state, Columbus is the capital and largest city in Ohio, packed with art, music, theater, museums, and culture Columbus is a creative-minded destination. Due to the ever-evolving Ohio State University, and a collection of businesses, it’s also home to a robust and energetic workforce. From destinations like the Ohio Theater to the Columbus Museum of Art, this is a city that invites exploration.

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The Power of

an Arts Culture

The creative economy generates $9.1 billion in the Columbus MSA (metropolitan statistical area). It supports 60,011 jobs and supplies more than $3 billion in wages and proprietor income. Advertising and public relations lead the creative industries. The sector is responsible for $1.1 billion dollars and supports 5,338 jobs in the Columbus MSA.

The mix of creative industries reflects the region’s service sector economic core. Publishing and design services are well represented as is architectural services, performing arts and museums. Manufacturing related sectors are not large drivers in the Columbus economy. Only sign manufacturing made the top fifteen list and it is a relatively small sector.

Top 15 Creative Industries in Columbus by Output

The creative economy generates $9.1 billion in the Columbus MSA with Advertising/Public Relations alone contributing just over $1 billion. Here’s how the other industries breakdown.

photo of the Columbus Dispatch neon sign lit up at night
photo of the interior of the Ohio Theater - shot from the stage looking into the seats
Aerial photo of the Columbus Arts Festival at dusk

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“The arts in Columbus are a point of pride. They enrich our culture, enhance the quality of life, attract visitors to our city and generate economic activity.”

Megumi Robinson, Director of Public Relations, Experience Columbus

Photo Credit (top to bottom/left to right): Creative Commons, Experience Columbus, Experience Columbus, Experience Columbus, Experience Columbus