Glass City

Located in Northwest Ohio, Toledo is Ohio’s fourth largest city. Toledo has a long history in the manufacturing industry and an entrepreneurial spirit that has put the city at the center of the new manufacturing economy. The region is home to a variety of attractions, and whether you’re taking a trip to the Peristyle to see the Toledo Symphony, visiting one of the many museums or the Valentine Theatre, Toledo is a region with a combination of opportunity and beauty.

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Arts Spirit

The creative economy generates $831 million in the Toledo MSA (metropolitan statistical area). It supports 12,065 jobs and supplies more than $466 million in wages and proprietor income. Advertising and public relations lead the creative industries. The sector is responsible for $183 million dollars and supports 944 jobs in the Toledo MSA.

It’s interesting to note that museums led the employment category employing 1,173 people. Independent artists, writers, and performers were also a leading employer in the Toledo economy. Toledo also has strong design, architectural and photographic service sectors. Toledo also has a significant manufacturing presence with the sign manufacturing and ornamental and architectural metal work sector. Finally, Toledo’s motion picture and video industries is a significant driver. It directly employs 339 people and generates more than $49.5 million in economic activity.

Photo of a young woman teaching younger girl glass blowing

Top 15 Creative Industries in Toledo by Output

The creative economy generates $831 million in the Toledo MSA and supports 12,065 jobs. Here’s how the top 15 breakdowns.

photo of a young man providing Glass blowing demonstration at the Toledo Museum of Art
Photo of cellists playing in the Toledo Symphony Orchestra
two people standing in the middle of an art installation in Toledo, Ohio

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“The arts are the personality of the community in which we live. Take a moment and imagine what our city would be without any of these things. People will not come here to live, be entertained, work or grow.”

Julie Beckert, TAC Board Member

Photo Credit (top to bottom/left to right): Creative Commons, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Symphony Orchestra, Toledo Museum of Art