Why This Study

A city buzzing with creativity during the day, that offers plenty of entertainment options at night, attracts not only those who work in the creative economy but an educated, highly-skilled labor pool, working in a broad cross-section of industries, who want to embrace a creative lifestyle when not on the clock. To grow and celebrate our creative industries is to grow and celebrate our local economies individually and our state economy as a whole.



The wealth of internationally recognized art museums and performance venues, an unending string of critically acclaimed bands and music festivals, the plethora of designers, photographers, and filmmakers creating cutting-edge promotional work for national brands- these are just some of the things continuing to elevate the perception of Ohio as a hub of creativity, attracting both employees and firms.

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Results in Brief
Though 70% of the creative industries' impact was located in Ohio's six metropolitan areas (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Youngstown) the economic impact was not just urban areas. Additional Ohio municipalities make up nearly thirty percent of the creative economy with more than $12 billion in annual activity.

The Creative Categories

For the sake of continuity, the creative industries used for this study are those identified by the Americans for the Arts. These industries, ranging from museums and performing arts to graphic design and advertising, can be assembled into six primary categories and contain more than fifty subcategories of the local economy.

Museums & Collections

Museums, zoos and botanical gardens, historical societies, and planetariums.

Performing Arts

Music groups, orchestras, dance companies, performing arts centers, and more.

Visual Arts/Photography

Stone, clay, and glass, art galleries, commercial photography, and more.

Schools and Services

Art council, art schools, music and drama schools, agents, brokers, and more.

Film, Radio, & Television

Production, distribution, services, stations, disk jockeys, and more.

Design and Publishing

Architects, interior design, books, periodicals, advertising agencies, and more.