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Located halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Youngstown is Ohio’s ninth largest city. This former Rust Belt city is in the middle of cultural and economic resurgence that combines rich historical traditions with the eagerness of the new generation. The region is full of unique attractions like the Butler Institute of American Art, the Stambaugh Auditorium, and the Covelli Centre. Residents of this region are surrounded by a mix of history and rebirth.

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Arts Economy


The creative economy generates $341 million in the Youngstown MSA (metropolitan statistical area). It supports 4,794 jobs and supplies more than $143 million in wages and proprietor income. Radio and television broadcasting leads the creative industries. The sector is responsible for $8 million dollars and supports 376 jobs in the Youngstown MSA.

Youngstown has the smallest creative impact of the all the MSAs. It does, however, have a unique niche not seen in the other MSAs. Youngstown has a strong musical instrument sector. It has a musical instrument manufacturing sector as well as a strong musical instrument retail sector. The mix of the other creative industries is about what we see in the larger MSAs. Advertising is significant as is promoters and performing arts companies.

Top 15 Creative Industries in Youngstown by Output

The creative economy generates $341 billion in the Youngstown MSA and supports 4,794 jobs. Here’s how the top 15 breakdowns.

Photo from the balcony of the Covelli Center - overlooking a crowd during a concert
Photo of an exhibit against a white wall at the McDonough Museum of Art
photo of buildings outside the McDonough Museum of Art

“Youngstown has gone from almost completely shuttered to almost
completely occupied with indy shops, bars, and restaurants. Suburbanites who were hesitant for decades now come downtown.”

Karen Shubert, Coordinator, Power of the Arts

Photo Credit (top to bottom/left to right): Creative Commons, McDonough Museum of Art, JAC Management Group, McDonough Museum of Art, McDonough Museum of Art